Missing The Obvious: If The Lord Will

Have you ever noticed how often we miss, or almost miss, the OBVIOUS? I hope you didn’t miss that big “obvious” right there. 

I’ve noticed, for example, that whenever someone commits a horrible crime that gets the attention of the nation, many miss the obvious.  The news programs and talk shows spend hours discussing why the criminal committed the heinous act.  They talk about media, drugs, mental issues, stress, and every other possible influence that could have provoked the sinner toward that specific sin.

Most of them miss the obvious reason as to why a wicked person committed wickedness.  Are you ready?  THEY WANTED TO!  That’s right.  They chose to.  They desired to.  They had a wicked idea, and yes, it could have been introduced to them by someone else through some means, and then they chose to act on their evil thought. 
When anyone sins–you, I, or anyone else–it is because they choose to. 

I think that most people understand sins of commission (sins that are committed against God and others).  Did you know that you can also sin by omitting what you are told in Scripture TO DO.  That’s right, there are sins of omission too.  That is OBVIOUS, but we often miss it.

For instance, it is a sin to make plans and not consider God’s will.   James wrote: “To him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17).  The context of that verse is a rebuke of those who plan life events and do not consider and say, “if the Lord will” (James 4:15). 

Everything that we do in life should be with the consideration of “if the Lord will.”  That is an “obvious” that many miss.  Don’t miss the obvious!