“So, This Isn’t Big?”

I had preached my heart out. It was a favorite passage and subject and I tried to pour myself into it, hoping to stir the church to do something BIG! David and Goliath. We could be David. We could really do something big if we just caught David’s vision! We could make everyone, the world and the Lord’s people, sit up and take notice that BIG things were being done by Mid-Coast Baptist Church.

Then Monday came and I was talking about it with my Dad. Thank God for a man who is not a silly bobble-head cheerleader type, but who loves the Lord and loves me enough to challenge me to actually think Scripturally and soberly. I think I’ll always remember the idea he floated. I don’t remember the exact words (it was more than ten years ago), but it was something like, “So being the Lord’s church, simply learning His Word, and obeying it, seeing souls saved and believers growing in the Lord, isn’t big? What we are doing as we obey the Lord isn’t big?”

“Well, I, uh (cough, sputter), I mean, of course that’s big, but I want to see God do something REALLY HUGE! Don’t you?” was my response.

I sat down and felt discouraged and we said a few more words before changing the subject, but the thought stuck with me. The more I considered Scripture the more I realized that my “BIG IDEA” and “SOMETHING BIG” mentality needed to be exchanged for what truly is the BEST, the BIGGEST, the actual will of God. I needed to just be the faithful servant of the Lord, leading other servants of the Lord to glorify the Lord by doing His will, as revealed in His Word, by His grace.

Another look at the account of David and Goliath had me noticing that David was simply obeying His father, Jesse, as he took supplies to his brothers at the battlefield. While there, an opportunity presented itself to obey God in another matter. David did the will of God by faith. God was glorified.

You know what might really be a big thing in this day in which so many are trumping God’s thoughts with their own, replacing God’s plans and programs with man’s, and trying to rally everyone to their cause that they claim is the Lord’s? How about this–Obey God’s Word by His grace and for His glory alone! Is there something bigger than that?

Friend, if you are a member of one of the Lord’s churches, where you are receiving His Word with humility and obedience, then YOU ARE IN THE BIGGEST POSSIBLE PROGRAM ON EARTH! You can’t do bigger than God’s will. Praise God and press on!